Meet some of the Top Greek Food Bloggers

Food blogging in Greece is on the rise. This platform has allowed many people to share their love for the culinary arts. Guest Writer Athina D. Pantazatou introduces us to some of the top Greek food bloggers.

By: Athina D. Pantazatou


Greek food bloggers

For the past decade, food blogging in Greece has been gaining ground. The well-known Greek food magazine, Vima Gourmet, now tracks and features the Greek food bloggers’ commendable work – be it the introduction of innovative ideas, the preservation of our culinary heritage, or the inspiring use and development of both traditional and new materials. Last year, in an attempt to highlight and reward such exceptional efforts, the magazine hosted the first ever Greek Food Blog Awards. The endeavor has been deemed successful and the Food Blog Awards will be held again this year.

Being a blogger myself, even though not a foodie per se, I’ve had the pleasure of being personally acquainted with some of the nominees. I won’t lie, I’m biased when saying these three ladies are my favorite Greek-based foodies. Read on to meet three of the top Greek Food Bloggers.


Eat Yourself Greek

Eugenia Makrogianneli is the creative soul of Eat Yourself Greek. After living in London for several years and travelling around the world, she wandered back to Athens to delve deeper into the mysteries of the Greek kitchen. Her recipes entail the effortless simplicity that comes with most traditional food, but are elegantly executed to carry unique aromas and enhance unpretentious flavors. She’s also one of the collaborators of the very interesting “Eat Like a Greek” project (a fully customizable dining experience, the first supper club in Athens, through which visitors have the opportunity to book and enjoy authentic, home-cooked meals).

Eat Yourself Greek was nominated in the category “Best Greek Cooking in English”. Eugenia took home both the Committee Award and the Audience Award.

She said there are now some great food and travel bloggers in Greece, and they’re worth checking out.


COURTESY Eugenia Makrogianneli for Eat Yourself Greek. All rights reserved.


The Healthy Cook

Evi Skoura is the amazing culinarian behind The Healthy Cook. Having worked for the airlines for about two decades, she’s tried food from around the globe. She likes to “mix and match” the flavors from various cuisines with her favorite Mediterranean and Greek recipes. Evi firmly believes in healthy and balanced nutrition and has researched extensively the benefits of clean eating as opposed to the harmful effects of processed food. She shares all this valuable knowledge on several extremely well-documented articles on her blog (among other places), along with the most appetizing and healthy recipes one can find.

Evi loved being part of the awards. Though she was nominated in the Best Design & Site Architecture category, she didn’t win. She said the event tested her in many ways, and made her a better blogger.

She spoke about the rise in blogging in Greece.

“People seem to be interested in blogs a lot and this is reflected in a steadily increasing readership. I think there is always room in blogging for people who love what they do and do it well.”



COURTESY Evi Skoura for The Healthy Cook. All rights reserved.


Sweet Applepie

Theodora Nanou is the creator of Sweet Applepie. This is one of the most concise blogs on baking, with solid advice, tested and true methods, and accurate recipes. While cooking is all about experimenting and taking a free hand at twisting rules, baking is more of a science. It’s about carefully chosen and measured ingredients, and perfectly executed steps. Theodora is a dreamy baker, with delightful recipes on pastries, desserts, and pies. Think fluffy bougatsas, airy cakes, and out-of-this-world tarts.

In last year’s Food Blog Awards, she was nominated in the “Best Baking” category, and won the Committee Award.

Theodora said she thinks that the attitude toward blogs is changing in Greece, and this has created many opportunities, especially during the recession.

“I think that people here starting to consider food blogs as reliable recipe sources. Companies are aware of that and consider product promotion through food blogs a great way to advertise. Since the economic crisis forced organizations to cut down on their marketing budgets, collaborations with food blogs seem more appealing. Food bloggers considered to be influencers (food bloggers with many followers on social media and loyal readers) have more opportunities to work with a brand, write for food magazines, make up menus for cafeterias, and even write books. Many have succeeded in making blogging a full-time job, setting the example for all of us.”


COURTESY Theodora Nanou for Sweet Applepie. All rights reserved .


When you’re looking for new recipes, check out one of these great Greek Food Bloggers!

Connect with Eugenia on Eat Yourself Greek. If you’re visiting Athens in the near future and are interested in the Eat-Like-a-Greek experience, book a meal here. Connect with Evi at The Healthy Cook. Find Theodora at Sweet Applepie or on her YouTube Channel

Athina Pantazatou

Athina Pantazatou

A stalwart bookworm ever since I can remember myself. I studied English Literature and became an EFL/ESOL Teacher. I have successfully combined teaching and working as an executive secretary — in a big advertising company and a law firm — for several years. I’m a freelance writer, editor, and blogger, as of lately. Also, a bit ironic by nature but, all-in-all, quite easy-going! Partner to 1 and mother to 2 cats. I once tried to give up coffee and then swore to never make that mistake again…

Connect with Athina on Kicking Back the Pebbles and on Twitter.



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