Greek-American Patricia Kara Returns to CNBC’s ‘Deal or No Deal’

Greek-American Patricia Kara is back on CNBC’s ‘Deal or No Deal’. Learn more about #9, her Chicago Greek roots, and get some dish on the show.

Patricia Kara is dealt back in on ‘Deal or No Deal’

On December 5, CNBC’s ‘Deal or No Deal’ returned to the airwaves with a familiar face — Greek-American Patricia Kara. The Chicago native began her third go-round with the hit nationally televised game-show starring host Howie Mandel. Patricia is one of the 28 models, holding briefcase #9. ‘Deal’ first ran on NBC in prime-time from 2005-2009, then, as one of only two models selected, she returned for another three-year daytime run. Patricia is the only model who’s appeared on all three shows, and all episodes of each.

Read on to learn more about Patricia Kara and ‘Deal or No Deal’.

#9 on 'Deal or No Deal' is Greek-American Patricia Kara
Look for #9 on ‘Deal or No Deal’. It’s Greek-American Patricia Kara. IMAGE: PATRICIA KARA

Meet Patricia Kara

Born Patricia Karamouzis, #9 grew up in Chicago, where she attended St. Scholastica Academy and Columbia College Chicago. She traces her Greek roots to Paleohori, in the Peloponnese. Patricia is immensely proud of her Greek roots. She speaks Greek fluently and is an accomplished Greek dancer. Her family is near and dear to her heart.

“My papou died at 42 and my yiayia at 72, but they managed to produce 20 children, including my mom, Elefteria.”

Her mother emigrated to America and raised three daughters as a single mothe r– Patricia, who now calls Los Angeles home; Joanna, who remains in Chicago; and Maria who lives in Greece. Patricia recently went public about her beloved mom’s struggles with dementia to help educate others about the condition.

She loves Greek traditions. Patricia married former NFL player Noel LaMontagne on the island of Mykonos, and rode the traditional donkey to the reception.

Showbiz resume

Patricia began modeling at age 16, later acting in TV commercials, and working on TV shows and feature films. Patricia has appeared in countless magazines and periodicals. A tenacious worker, her hustle meant never having to take a job outside entertainment. On TV, she’s made hosting appearances on E!, Extra, America’s Got Talent, HSN, and Fox Movie Channel. She was named one of People magazine’s “100 Most Beautiful People.” A couple of lighthearted projects include co-starring in Trace Adkins’ funny music video “Marry For Money,” and a humorous Coors Light commercial. She also publishes the blog Dish With Trish about all things food, and consults and manages aspiring talent.

She’s emceed and made appearances on behalf of various Greek-American charitable causes. She also served as a correspondent for the Greece-based Korres line of beauty products.

'Deal or No Deal' Howie Mandel and Patricia Kara
‘Deal or No Deal’ Host Howie Mandel and #9, Patricia Kara. IMAGE: PATRICIA KARA

‘Deal or No Deal’

You may be wondering how ‘Deal or No Deal’ works. Contestants choose cases to win up to a million dollars or more. Each case contains a specific amount. The idea is to eliminate lower amounts so as to select bigger amounts last. But you don’t know what’s in a case. It’s a test of will — and greed. After each round, a banker offers a settlement which contestants can accept, or continue opening cases. If, say, the million-dollar, $750,000, and $1000 cases are the final three remaining, the banker might offer a $350,000 settlement to entice contestants to walk away. In a new twist, contestants can counter-offer the banker. But rejection of a settlement to continue opening cases brings risk of winning only $1,000.

Patricia told us that some other things are different this go-round.

“Clothing and dresses are different. They’re beautiful and smart, more of a ‘boss-lady look’. The stage, phone; everything is updated to a digital, tech-savvy look. Even the money tracking board is meant to look like a tablet computer. The women are as diverse as ever — tall, short, different ethnic backgrounds. One model has a Ph.D, another appeared on America’s Next Top Model, another was a contestant on Survivor. There are business owners and influencers, not just models.”

So how does she stand for long periods of time in those four-inch heels? Patricia revealed a secret.

“You get used to it, but it was really tough on a lot of the girls. Some, not being models, never walked or stood in heels for hours on end. Howie got us a masseuse. He didn’t tell anyone, but we found out it was him. I never took off my heels because once you do your feet swell and it’s tough to put them back on.”

More Greeks on “Deal”

Patricia isn’t the only Greek involved with ‘Deal or No Deal’. Director of Production is Glenview, IL native Marcia Xintaris, who works full-time for CNBC Prime. Once, a Greek contestant appeared, LA-based George Stathoulis. Patricia was aware of him from So-Cal, where his parents Joanne and Takis sing at various Greek festivals.

“George brought family and friends who all waved Greek flags.”

The air date for George’s episode is still, T.B.D., but it’s slated for the new year.

Loves her work

Patricia shared how much she loves seeing big winners on the show.

“I really love watching the contestants’ lives change for the better. Seeing them celebrate with their family and friends, the emotion and tears of joy, is tremendously satisfying to me personally.”

See Patricia in the work she loves, on CNBC’s ‘Deal or No Deal’. Check your local listings for days and times.

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