The WindyCity Greek Story

What’s WindyCity Greek?

WindyCity Greek was an online magazine, published from 2015-2019, bringing you the best of the Greek world… At its inception, it was the only Greek media outlet dedicated to 100% positive Greek news & content.

This is what we stand for and what we presented for 4 amazing years.

WindyCity Greek isn’t a newspaper. You can find the bad stuff somewhere else. From original reporting to curated content, you will find all the “good news” happening in Greek Chicago and around the world. WindyCity Greek serves as a clearinghouse for positive and inspiring news, as well as a connection to Greek-owned businesses, products, and services. You’ll also find a sprinkling of Chicago news and resources, plus a celebration of our history, heritage and faith. WindyCity Greek is a place to celebrate all things Greek; a place we can all feel proud of our heritage and culture, come together to celebrate it, be infused with promise and pride, and get connected to all the ways we can help each other.


In this digital age, print media has experienced increasing challenges. Newspapers and magazines have had difficulty overcoming them. The result? Many ethnic publications have ceased to exist. In 2015, Chicago lost two major print publications. Our community was left without a voice. We felt out of the loop and disconnected from each other.

The media is filled with negative news reports about Greece and Greeks. We felt like people were developing a negative image of what it was to be a person of Greek descent. So much good was happening, but no one ever heard about it. With the demise of both publications, our community was left with virtually no media.

Creating WindyCity Greek

For more than a decade as Associate Editor and Senior Writer for The Greek Star newspaper and as a longtime contributor to GreekCircle magazine, among other publications, Maria A. Karamitsos has shared her love for her Greek heritage and culture. Her philosophy has always been one of positivity and collaboration. She channeled that experience, philosophy, and passion for all things Greek, to develop a new kind of publication created to reconnect the community, restore our pride, and bring us hope for the future.

On September 30, 2015, Founder & Editor Maria A. Karamitsos disrupted the traditional media model — and changed the Greek media landscape by launching WindyCity Greek. The magazine ceased publication on December 31, 2019.

Are you a WindyCity Greek?

You don’t have to be from Chicago to be a WindyCity Greek. WindyCity Greek is a mindset. A WindyCity Greek wants to show the world the best of our community. WindyCity Greeks come together to enrich and encourage each other, to change the perception of what it is to be a person of Greek descent, and to share our rich heritage – past, present, and future – with the world. We are Hellenes and we are proud!

Now you know who we are.

You’ve found the archives. Welcome to our celebration. You’ll be shouting ‘OPA!’ from the rooftops!

It was a pleasure to bring out these stories of Amazing Greeks. Thank you to everyone who supported WindyCity Greek. The magazine was a tremendous success in terms of reach and impact, with readers in all corners of the world. We’re very proud of what we accomplished here — sharing some wonderful stories; helping to promote many businesses, organizations, people, and events; and ultimately setting a trend for other media to follow. We are truly grateful. ~ Maria A. Karamitsos